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About Jessica

Jessica is an Anglo Swedish nutritional therapist, cook, businesswoman and lifestyle expert.

She started her career as one of the founder members of The Futon Company London, at the age of 18, and worked in retail until 2004.

Her international adventures, by way of Chicago and Moscow, have included everything from running her own furniture shop in Paris to renovating a disused Swedish cinema and turning it into a beautiful living space.

In 2004 she decided to take a break from her retail career and, influenced by her Swedish grandmother’s love of cooking and nutrition, decided to go to university to study nutritional therapy.

She graduated in 2008 and went on to practice at a private clinic as a nutritional therapist where she specialised in meal planning for individuals and families, health coaching and nutrition education, both privately and for the corporate sector. She also completed extensive additional training in children’s nutrition, obesity management and cardiovascular disease.

After years of working with clients struggling to find inspiration and time to feed their family balanced, healthy meals, she realised that a recipe bag service could be the answer. So she brought the phenomenally successful Swedish enterprise Linas Matkasse to the UK in 2012. After 18 months of working as the Director of Menu Planning and Nutrition for Jessica’s Recipe Bag Jessica is now in addition to working as a nutritionist is launching a new website Jessica’s Kitchen.

Jessica’s Kitchen will provide all the resources and information you need to create delicious healthy inspiring meals. There will be recipes, cooking tips, meal planning and nutrition information.

"The effect of diet on health had been an interest of mine for some time, especially after I had children. Working with my clients, it was apparent that despite there being a vast amount of information available on diet and healthy eating, many people remained confused about what they should be eating".